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Schneider Naor & Co., an accounting firm, is a unique, innovative firm that is the leading and most advanced firm in Israel in a wide range of professional fields.

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Special Audits – Forensic Accounting

Our firm specializes in conducting special audits in a wide variety of fields,
including in forensic accounting. Special audits are audits that are based on
accepted auditing standards but are focused in their scope and intended to
serve a unique designated purpose and to provide an opinion about it.
Our firm provides unique services in the field of identification, location and
response to fraud events in the financial field, white collar crimes, and
interrogations in liquidations, government corruption and money laundering.
Our firm has an Incident Responde team that can provide an immediate
response to fraud events. We understand that the response time may be
critical in order to trace the irregular activities and return the assets.
We provide assistance immediately upon the discovery of such events,
beginning with pattern recognition, the identification of the parties who are
involved and responsible, quantifying the actions and the damage caused by
them and writing expert witness opinions to support legal proceedings
against the responsible parties.
Our firm has unique expertise in the field of investigating frauds that involve
data systems and frauds conducted in ERP and CRM systems and we have
both the knowledge and technology required to perform complex computer
forensic investigations.
The legal system faces unique challenges due to the complexity of the
reports submitted by companies and the regulatory influences on company
reports. Therefore, our firm has a special audit department that is
knowledgeable and experienced in the field, and which can help solve such
problems. The department can provide an inclusive response to this problem
by investigating, collecting evidence and analyzing the data.
This type of audit is essential to many business procedures, and among
others, is also a mechanism for calculations, a control mechanism which
compensates  for partnerships and various types of organizations, a
mechanism for investigating irregular events, a mechanism for identifying
processing and system failures, and more. 

Our firm has the ability to conduct audits in many areas, including:

  • Identifying sources of fraud using accounting and technological tools.
  •  Full mapping and processing of companies’ digital data.
  •  Experience and knowledge in various investigative techniques.
  •  Thorough analysis and understanding of accounting data.
  •  Performing business and economic calculations.
  •  Verification of accounting and other reports.
  •  Determining salaries and compensation plans.
  •  Determining the use of reputation, intellectual property and the breachof copyrights.

In addition, our firm has experience in conducting audits in Israel and
abroad, with a focus on the following:

  •  Independence.
  •  Maintaining the confidentiality of the event.
  •  Client confidentiality.
  • No conflict of interest.

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