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Schneider Naor & Co., an accounting firm, is a unique, innovative firm that is the leading and most advanced firm in Israel in a wide range of professional fields.

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Internal Auditing

Our firm provides internal auditing services for a variety of organizations,
including: businesses, government entities and non-profits.
The partners in our firm have extensive experience in internal auditing,
whether as internal auditors in organizations or whether by providing
outsourced internal auditing services to internal auditors.
The combination with our firm’s professional knowledge and experience in
the other fields that our firm specializes in gives our clients an advantage
and creates value for them.
We combine these services with our knowledge in the fields of data systems
and data system auditing.Our audits are all in accordance with strict
professional standards.
All audits are managed and supervised by one of the firm’s partners from
beginning to end, and is adapted to each client’s specific needs.
When audits turn up irregular findings that raise suspicion regarding
integrity, we apply our expertise in forensic accounting to our internal audit
process in a coordinated and synchronized manner which provides the client
with a “hybrid” service which saves valuable time that may be critical to the
The firm serves as an auditing entity in non-profit organizations, non-
governmental organizations and public interest companies.
Assistance for internal auditors:
These services are provided for internal audit departments and for internal
auditors in corporations with substantial and significant volumes of activity,
including government corporations, whereas the client instructs us as to the
nature and scope of the work. The client’s contact person reports to us and is
involved in every part of the auditing process, is a part of the audit’s
decision making processes and is constantly updated as to the interim
findings, the final findings and the conclusions of the audit.
The scope of the required assistance is tailored according to the needs of the
appointed internal auditor and according to his specific requirements.

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