About us

About us

Schneider, Naor & Co. accountants

Schneider, Naor & Co. accountants is a firm specializing in the field of special
audits – forensic accounting and financial calculations.
The firm’s special expertise provides an effective platform for collecting
financial and accounting data in a manner which will ensure that they can be
used as admissible evidence in legal proceedings.
The firm provides a variety of services in the following areas:

  • Special audits and investigations of irregular events, including
    investigative audits.
  • Conducting company valuations and performing accounting tests and
    financial calculations.
  •  Business , economic calculations and pre-purchase inspections.
  •  Conducting financial  calculations: quantification of damages,
    valuation and linkages, examining earning capacity, income levels,
    and the like.
  • Salary calculations and reward and option plans.
    Economic consulting, equalization of resources and personal
    reputation valuations.
  • Use of reputations, intellectual property and breach of copyrights.
  •  Assisting lawyers in litigation, securities, liquidations and bankruptcy.
  •  Helping insurance companies, those injured from financial fraud and

We provide expert opinions to support legal proceedings in each of the fields
listed above.

The firm’s team has years of experience in each of these fields, in Israel and
Our clients include accounting firms, law firms, private and public
companies in Israel and abroad, internal auditors and more.

In addition, our firm’s financial department is experienced and
knowledgeable in the fields of actuary, venture and company valuations and
has unique expertise in providing assistance and support in divorce cases,
resource equalization and evaluating personal reputations.


Diligence and persistence

We strive for Introspection of the information and data along with multi- angle examination of the circumstances, and facts for the accuracy of the conclusions. Each task, big or small, receive attention, perseverance and appropriate diligence.


We strive to exceed our customers' expectations in each parameter, and try to create extra value for them in each task by maximizing the use of our resources.

Uncompromising professionalism

Our reputation is based on every task we accomplish. We are committed to operate professionally, to take upon ourselves work in the areas of our expertise, to provide an immediate response to our customers and to reflect the results of our operations in an accurate and reliable manners.


We are responsible for acting honestly, in every matter, with our customers and with our competitors. Our services are sometimes provided in an environment of uncertainty and lack of order - we are committed not to take advantage of those circumstances and to act in trust, integrity and fairness.

Lack of conflict of interest

We are committed to mapping all the parties involved in order to avoid, as much as possible, a situation of conflict of interest with our customers, and to act impartially to their advantage.


We strive to use our skills in modesty and dignity in the face of all the people we come into contact with.

Harmony in work and life

We sanctify the lives of individuals and provide us, our employees and suppliers with a work environment that encourages personal and professional growth.


We aim to establish long professional relationships with our clients, to be a trusted consultants, and create value. Our clients' satisfaction is the main marketing media of our firm. We advocate the provision of superior service while providing a quick response, as much as possible, to every task.

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