Computer and cyber investigations

This department is responsible for the collection and investigation of digital evidence. 


This century has witnessed an explosion of data created by a myriad of digital devices that are used both by businesses and individuals. Proper access, documentation and preservation of this data is both critical and vital to any organization involved in the investigation or examination of these devices. 


Our Professional Knowledge Department employs certified technical experts with decades of experience in collecting evidentiary data from computers, mobile phones, thumb drives, backup drives, networks, servers, cloud storage, vehicles (satnav) and most any other device that can store electronic data. 

Social networking (e.g., WhatsApp, Twitter, etc.), email systems and other communications are a large part of our caseload. We have established ourselves as high level experts in this area. 

In the cyber crime arena, we also provide expert knowledge, equipment and technical support with computer investigations (e.g., malware, intrusions, espionage, etc.) civil search warrants, financial fraud involving computer systems(e.g., ERP or CRM,etc. ), digital contracts, Block Chain including Bitcoin and other crypto currencies. 


Additionally, we have extensive experience in providing expert opinions and testimony in the courtroom. 


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